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Ashley McHale

Dr. April Colby is amazing at what she does. I started seeing her for neck and back pain that led to chronic migraines when I was only 15. I was nervous at the beginning because I had never seen a chiropractor and did not know what to expect.

I quickly became very comfortable with Dr. Colby. I have said numerous times that if I could have a version of April for every doctor that I have to see it would be the dream team. Now after four years, my migraines have improved greatly. She has also helped me recover from a broken ankle and trigger point injections.

She truly cares about her patients and wants them to have the best quality of life possible. I strongly recommend Dr. April Colby.

Pat Peterson

As a nurse, I was surprised when my doctor recommended that I see Dr Colby, a chiropractor for my sciatic nerve pain.

But, I was desperate and made my appointment. I was relaxed with Dr Colby right away. She listened, diagnosed and created a therapy plan for me. Within a few weeks I was feeling so much better. I returned to golfing and long walks.

Months later my husband survived a massive stroke. It left him with severe right arm pain and spasticity. 

I knew right where to bring him. In conjunction with his army of medical doctors, Dr. Colby provided therapy to help decrease the pain in his arm as well as improve his motion. She was his biggest cheerleader which gave him the confidence that he could get better. 

I highly recommend Dr. Colby. She is the “whole package." Excellent chiropractic care delivered in a caring and compassionate manner.

Kay Wall

I highly recommend April for your chiropractic needs. She takes the time to listen to you and works hard to resolve any chiropractic issues that you might have. She really cares about her patients and tailors each treatment to the individual patient's needs. When you have an appointment with April, you are her priority and sole focus. Dr. Colby's knowledge, experience, and dedication to her patients give you confidence that you are in good hands when you need chiropractic care.

Brandon Hunt

I didn't think I would make a friend out of my therapist, but that changed when I met April.  The first time I met April, I had an avulsion fracture in my hip.  April got me back on the soccer field within a week and a half.  Since then, April has worked on my back and my neck pain due to multiple concussions.  I can confidently say that without April, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  April is one of the sweetest, most friendly, and best people that I have ever met.  I would recommend her to anyone, she is simply the best.  April has become family.

Dr. Leslie Trcka

I cannot recommend Dr. Colby highly enough.  As a family physician with over 10 years experience working with her, I know my patients appreciate her compassion and easy to understand explanation of their issue.  When I refer a patient to Dr. Colby, I know they are getting a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan that will not only address the current injury, but help prevent future issues as well.

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